Rogue Analysis (Present & Upcoming)

There was a World of Warcraft Twitter dev chat tonight, and what the hell, I’ll touch on a few points pertinent to Rogues. Hit up your local WoW blog for general analysis, damn lazy people.

Q. I don’t have a question but just a thanks. Thank you for making the Looking For Group tool. It’s sooooo useful.
A. Yeah, we love it around the office too. There was a lot of pressure to get it right after the first couple of attempts were lackluster. I try not to say stuff like this too often, but I think we really got it right. (Though there are a few kinks to unkink and polish we still plan to add.)

Yes, Blizzard, thank you for making queues for pure DPS classes so insane. I’m not terribly bitter about it, but the logic of “hopefully this drives more people towards an offspec that’s in high demand!” doesn’t work too well with pure classes. I guess we can keep praying all the bad DPS DKs decide to roll out their tank specs en-masse. Band-aids before they roll out the tanking simplifications make my Rogue a sad panda when queueing for heroics.

Q. Are there any plans to change the Ashen Verdict tank ring to proc more often? The current uptime vs bosses is almost nonexistent.
A. We have been adjusting a lot of procs so far and this one is on our radar. Tanks still manage to avoid hits a lot, which makes the proc less useful. 

1 proc every 50 seconds is a bit lackluster, but for the moment, fights tend to last upwards of 5+ minutes so from a Rogue perspective I’m happy with it. Still hate lining up all my trinket + item procs with Heroism though. It makes a difference of ~300+ DPS in a fight, and lord knows I need to beat Shades on a more consistent basis.

Actually this was tank-related (I blame my 6th grade reading skills). Still, my points are pertinent to Rogues in my analysis. Yeah, I salvaged that one pretty well I think. /proudstance

Q. Have you thought about doing AP scaling for Thorns?
A. There’s no polite way to say this: Thorns needs some love. We just want to keep effects like this from excessively punishing fast-swinging attackers, because you know, we love rouges.

Thank you, Blizzard. Those damn per-attack damage effects are nice to provide a deterrent to Rogues like myself to choosing a Ret Paladin or Druid, but when you’re talking about Prot-specced dudes with 60k+ health to burn through (a very non-trivial amount), it always signals a loss unless I have a healer on-board.

Q. Will rogues/hunters ever be able to dual wield hand-crossbows or pistols?
A. The pistol idea for hunters gets suggested a lot. It could either be an alternate to the gun / bow / crosssbow or something they use for short-range attacks. Rogues probably have plenty of weapons at this point. Smiley

Ha… ha…

No. Although I’d really like to imagine Kurimu as Bayonetta.


Not Rogue-related, but Erik, I’m requiring you to do this once you get your legendary:

Q. What are your opinions on Shadowmourne as a death knight tanking weapon?
A. Shadowmourne was designed as a dps weapon. If you can score one and want to socket stamina in it, I suggest parading around Dalaran just to rub it in.


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