10 Ways to Massively Botch an MMO


This might come as a surprise to many gamers- especially those who didn’t even glance over at the PC scene- but there were many MMORPGs before World of Warcraft (and many since its release) that hoisted it up to success or failed to learn from its innovations. The market was seeing new a new MMO release twice or more a year, and only Everquest and Asheron’s Call really stuck (if you measure stickiness by how many anniversaries a game has had alongside popular opinion). What made these games falter?

Well, to summarize the article in as few words as possible: HORRIBLE DESIGN CHOICES.

People at each company wanted to take the game in daring new directions or do something profound and ended up borking up core gameplay or shattering player expectations with a ten ton hammer (and then proceeded to kill their dogs, pee in their Cheerios, yadda yadda). Or they just forgot to program in “Fun”.

Either way, this article’s a nice recap for those of you who missed the last decade+ of MMOs. If you played any of these games, it makes the article even more delicious.


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