Why Being Alone in Cataclysm is a Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad Idea


Galiene (CJ) and I are guild outcasts due to our recent move overseas. The life shift left us with little to no time to play games that required time commitments. Compounding that issue, we’re now 12 hours ahead of our old server.

Catacylsm’s release date (and pre-expansion patch) was just announced, and that lit the proverbial fire to get ourselves situated for the impending release. We were talking back and forth about what to do, and came to the conclusion it’d be best to sit around on our current server until we had a good handle on our free time, evaluate our desire to raid, and see how healthy the server is during the earlier phases of the expansion. But…

The next day I got to thinking. For the first time ever, Kurimu and Galiene would be leveling without a guild. And for the first time ever, Blizzard took a very clear and strong position that a guild is something you need to be in unless you like making things harder on yourself.

They took a first step by introducing guild levels (and talents, but those got nixed and baked into the levels). These levels provided a slow stream of benefits like increased gold drops, reduced repair bills, hearthstone cooldowns, instantaneous mail, increased materials gathered from nodes, and more. They’d be unlocked over time as the guild “grew” in levels, and your character grew its guild reputation.

Wait, reputation? Yes, next they introduced guild reputation. This system makes it so you can’t just nonchalantly flip from guild to guild to get the guild perks. I can imagine ten thousand ways the system would be broken without a reputation / loyalty system. (Farming for materials? Get a guild that has Bountiful Bags and net 15% more. Leveling a profession? Hop into a guild with Working Overtime and get extra skill procs. Raider that PUGs a ton? Get a guild with Reinforce and chop 10% off your repair bill.) But with reputation comes “rep farming”, and rep farming takes time.

So now you’re looking at a situation where, if you’re alone, you a) lack the fun community that makes WoW worth playing in the first place, b) miss out on a lot of things that are vaulting players ahead, getting them extra gold, and enhancing their play experience, and c) are merely postponing the inevitable (because you’ll eventually join one).

Long story short…

You should be in a guild you plan to stick with when Cataclysm launches.

And that’s what Galiene and I realized. We’re on the hunt for a guild that matches our personalities and schedule, so hopefully that goes smoothly. But if you were planning on just “sitting out” the guild situation for early Cataclysm, now might be a time to re-evaluate your plans.


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