Once You Pop (Chakra), You Don’t Stop

While reading over patch 4.1 PTR notes I wasn’t surprised to see the white text indicating more incoming changes to Priests.

For Holy Priests, most changes have involved Chakra. Remember not too long ago in patch 4.0.6 when Chakra’s duration was doubled to 1 minute?  As one might expect, this change wasn’t standalone and did affect other areas we needed to call attention to. In this case, Holy Priests started questioning their talent builds. Welp, Chakra will be receiving another big change come 4.1! Chakra will now last… FOREVER.

First, a Little History…

Prior to patch 4.0.6, having 2/2 State of Mind increased the duration of Chakra by 4 seconds when you cast Heal, Prayer of Healing, Prayer of Mending, or Smite. With the original Chakra duration lasting a mere 30 seconds this seemed like a good use of 2 talent points. It removed Chakra from my “list of things to worry about” in fights.

Once 4.0.6 dropped, my feelings towards State of Mind changed. Chakra’s duration was now increased from 30 seconds to 1 minute. State of Mind also underwent a change which made the cooldown of Chakra decrease by 3/6 seconds by investing 1/2 points into State of Mind. As a Holy Priest raiding 25-mans I am not bouncing between Chakra stances. I maintain Chakra: Sanctuary to take care of the raid heals. Because of these changes, I determined my 4.0.6 build would be better without State of Mind. With Surge of Light buffed to encompass more spells, I deemed it best to allocate points there instead.

Free heals? Yes please.

Deets on 4.1’s Chakra

Chakra is, once again, receiving a major overhaul. According to the latest PTR patch notes, Chakra will last… FOREVER (read: until it is cancelled by the priest). Soon, if we cast Chakra and Prayer of Mending, we will activate Chakra: Sanctuary and stay in that state until we cancel it.

When I first read this I immediately thought of the /CancelAura macro I made for PvP. Let’s just say I was… excited! I use a /CancelAura macro to quickly switch my Chakra stances and stun an opponent using Holy Word: Chastise. Now I will have two uses for this macro – PvP and PvE! I love having multiple uses for anything, so this made me a giddy little schoolgirl. Although I do tend to maintain Chakra: Sanctuary in a raid, this macro will help for those few fights (such as Halfus) when I decide it’s more efficient to pop into tank healing mode once AoE damage subsides.

While reading up on macros I found these comments, which may help with the coming changes in 4.1. I’m still unsure if using Chakra will cancel the aura or if we will need to use a  macro. If simply re-casting Chakra will cancel the previous Chakra state, the below macros seem suitable for switching between Sanctuary and Serenity.

#showtooltip Prayer of Mending
/cast Chakra
/cast Prayer of Mending
>Prayer of Mending triggers Chakra: Sanctuary (AoE)

#showtooltip Flash Heal
/cast Chakra
/cast Flash Heal
>Flash Heal triggers Chakra: Serenity (Single-Target)

My Thoughts…

I do appreciate that Chakra’s aura will remain until cancelled, despite the fact I rarely stance-dance. With everything that’s going on during an encounter, especially in heroic raids, I no longer have to worry about Chakra: Sanctuary falling off  and gimping my throughput. It also allocates a few more seconds per fight to tossing out valuable heals.

SoM may seem a bit more beneficial for PvP since you are not sticking to one stance during battlegrounds or arena. However I still feel there are other talents- such as Blessed Resilience– that would be better suited for a PvP Holy Priest. I’m hoping  SoM will get a change as well. Although 30 seconds can seem like an eternity during PvP, the 6 second reduction  is just not enough compared to the other talents. For example, Blessed Resilience increases self-healing when critically hit and Smite-Atonement allows you to deal damage while healing.

I think Blizzard is making it pretty clear that they want Holy Priests to have the option of taking two roles in a raid. When Chakra was first introduced I thought we would be stance-dancing quite a bit since its duration was low. However, I quickly realized that was not the case, which meant the Chakra in-game was at odds with the Chakra Blizzard intended us to have. Soon, we will be able to focus more on the fight rather than worry about refreshing Chakra. And paying more attention to saving lives is never a bad thing.


One Comment on “Once You Pop (Chakra), You Don’t Stop”

  1. Oestrus says:

    Hey there!

    I kept meaning to read this post and leave some feedback on it and I didn’t get around to it until now. Sorry about that!

    I’m very happy about the Chakra changes, myself. The one thing I would like to see worked on is the ties to the Revelations talent. The only reason to really take it is for HW: Chastise and most holy priests don’t do enough tank healing to warrant having it.

    Here of late, I have been using HW: Sanctuary less and less and I feel like I’m performing better because of it. By better, I mean less overhealing, better mana management, etc. The costs are too high, we don’t get nearly enough healing out of it and it isn’t worth it to use so frequently, if at all.

    The Chakra states themselves are strong and seem to be staying that way. Now we just better spells to add to our toolbox, depending on what state we are in.


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