The Obsidium Cha-Cha

You might’ve seen this trick 100 times, but allow me freshen it up a bit with a new dance move. It’s no longer an “Obsidium Shuffle”- it’s a Cha-Cha! I trust this will catch on.

After my professions reached 525, I set out to wring as much profit as possible out of them. I’ve given up on Alchemy (aside from Living Elements transmutes), but Jewelcrafting is still ridiculously profitable. And it’s all thanks to our little buddy Obsidium Ore.

Jewelcrafting as a whole is a very volatile profession, and in this expansion profit margins on gems are particularly slim. Worse, if margins are good competition will quickly destroy them. But that conversation already happened, and the Obsidium Cha-Cha sidesteps the cutthroat gem sales market entirely!

In a nutshell, here’s what you need to do:

  • Install the following mods: Auctionator (my preference- Auctioneer & AuctionLite work fine); OreCrusher; TradeSkillMaster (optional)
  • Obtain Obsidium Ore for less than 54g per stack. Lots of it.
  • Prospect EVERYTHING.
  • Use OreCrusher to double-check profitability.
  • List gems on the Auction House at 12-hour durations. For items auctioning below 9g, cut and vendor.

It’s that easy! And the better you are at negotiating, the more profit you’ll rake in. But how does this all actually work?

The Math, Output, & Uses

First, I think it’s important to say where this “54g per stack” number comes from. For 20 Obsidium Ore (one stack), you should get ~6 green-quality gems from Prospecting. The more ore you prospect, the closer to this 6-greens-per-stack average you’ll get. Each cut green gem vendors for 9g. 9gx6=54g, so if you want to guarantee profit, buy stacks below 54g. Buying below this price sets you up for a worst-case scenario, where you can just vendor your 6 gems for a guaranteed 9g per gem and recoup your money.

Here’s the gems:

Next, let’s look at the add-ons.


For those looking to just prospect and sell, this is the perfect tool. There’s no sophistication to Auctionator in terms of undercutting or avoiding market saturation. But if you’re just in this to list gems and move on, it’s ideal. Just slap anything OreCrusher says to “Auction Raw” into Auctionator.

Here’s how I configured Auctionator:

Auctionator will always undercut the lowest price on the AH. Be careful, because some sellers intentionally price super-low to trick mods like these.

You could undercut for 1c at any value, but it might tick people off. Setting the starting bid 5% lower than the buyout works best for me.


OreCrusher is a powerful tool that will aid your cha-cha. It parses Auctionator’s scans to get prices for each uncommon (green) gem, superior (blue) gem, crafted armor piece, and enchanting material. It also knows vendor prices. You plug in how much you paid per stack of Obsidium Ore and it does the behind-the-scenes math (even taking into account whether you’re a Transmute-specced alchemist or Inscriptionist) to determine the most profitable use of your ore. Here’s a breakdown of what you’ll see and what it means:

Plug in your stack count & costs. See profit (& how OreCrusher suggests getting there).

Transmute Master? Inscriptionist?

Auction Alicite, but make a Jasper Ring and disenchant it for optimal profit.

Auction Alicite, but cut Jasper into a gem & vendor it for 9g!


For the sophisticated seller, TradeSkillMaster is second to none. Rather than going into everything it does (it does a lot), I’ll just give an overview of how it aids flipping uncut green gems. In short, where Auctionator simply gets your items to market, TSM steps in to ensure you’re a) always pricing at the right price, b) never selling below the vendor price, c) not over-saturating the market with too many similar items, and d) getting the very most gold per auction.

I used Power Word: Gold’s guide as my rule of thumb when setting up for the Obsidium Cha-Cha a few months ago. I’ll refer you to PW:G for pictorials of how to set it up. The only thing I suggest tweaking is the Price Threshold, which I put to 9g 50s. Since prices have deflated so much since this strategy has spread and players have stopped leveling this profession, I’ve realized selling gems barely above vendor price is a win.

So long as you run TSM before listing with Auctionator, you can be assured you won’t be mis-pricing (or over-posting) your most profitable green uncut gems.

All you really care about is a) posting b) the item's selling price & c) cancelling if you're being undercut. There's more buttons, but these are the ones you need to Cha-Cha.

I’ve been seeing investments of as little as 500g generate 400g profit. When I really lucked out last month and snatched 100 stacks of Obsidium Ore for 35g/stack, I shot up from 5,000g to 9,000g over the following week. And I still have tons of gems (like Inferno Rubies) that I’m sitting on. Rather than sell them now for a quick buck, I’m holding into them for when their prices soar in 4.1 when items gain red gem slots and players pick up epics from the new Troll instances.

While you might not still get the same margins I was, you will definitely see profit as long as you follow the “54g/stack maximum” rule and list intelligently. Your server might be super-competitive, super-saturated, and overly-populated, but I can assure you there are still players leveling Jewelcrafting and lazy/risk-averse enough to buy their JC daily quest gems from the Auction House.

This is a massive market that you shouldn’t ignore, and given how easy it is to manipulate, you’d be crazy not to cha-cha to rake in some extra gold.


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