You Can’t Hug with Nuclear Call to Arms

(7 minutes)

There’s been a lot of discussion about the (fairly controversial) method Blizzard is using in 4.1 to get tanks and healers into the Random Dungeon Finder queue. Of course, I must give my 2 copper on the issue.

I’ve been told my voice soothes the angriest of NERD RAGE (not really), so I opted to do this entry in podcast form. This is just as much of a quality test as it is a test to see if people like this format to hear about Warcraft news. Listen by clicking the streaming tool above.

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2 Comments on “You Can’t Hug with Nuclear Call to Arms”

  1. Oestrus says:

    First off – love your voice. I could listen to that recording all day!

    Moving on.

    I have to say that I wasn’t as put off by this change as other people. I was very surprised at how controversial this change ended up being and I admit to not really seeing what all the fuss was about. I still don’t.

    I look at this from the other side of things. I need nothing from Heroics right now. I fully intend on running the new ZG/ZA when they’re released, but that’s it. I did all of my Heroic farming when Cata came out, so that I could be raid ready right out of the gate. There were many other players like me who did the same thing. We don’t need anything. Unless we’re leveling alts, we have no reason to go back and do those or unless a guildie needs help or something. It’s not that healing is “hard” or we don’t want to – the motivation isn’t there. I don’t need Justice Points, I earn enough Valor Points throughout my raid week, etc.

    The chance to get a really nice mount or a gem or flask that I can save for a rainy day gives people like myself a reason to do these things again. It gives us a reason to log on when we normally wouldn’t, because we want time off from raids. I don’t have that motivation, otherwise. I think this is one side of the coin that isn’t really being covered and I’m not sure why.

    On a more snarky note, I think it’s funny that some of the loudest critics of this new system haven’t seen a Heroic themselves in ages and I think are just looking for a pet cause to get behind. I know for a fact (and I’ll name names, because I’m catty like that) that some of these critics don’t run them that often to judge. So why they’re getting all pious is beyond me. I definitely got a chuckle or two out of that.


    • Kuri says:

      Fanks for the kind words. Galiene also has some obsession with my voice (but I have no idea why).

      I totally hear you, and maybe my voice came off as doomsdayish. I meant to come at it from an angle of disappointment.

      For one, it’s saddens me that Blizzard needed to bribe roles to be played more. Despite making each group only require 1 tank and 1 healer, they’re massively underrepresented. They’re particularly rare in the full-PUG RDF scenario you’d need to join to qualify for said satchels. There is something obviously stacked against these roles causing them to be either not fun or overly depended on. Rather than solving that gameplay issue and boosting / deflating roles by swapping around task difficulty and responsibility, they’re just offering more goodies to apologize for the fact it sucks so much otherwise. Vanity goods or not, that’s a poor precedent.

      If the roles were fun or low-pressure like DPS, you’d see tons of tanks and healers and too few DPS. Obviously this is off-balance.

      That said, I think it’s a fairly genius way to manipulate people into roles they wouldn’t otherwise elect to do. Instead of having to fix their game, they only need to give incentives. Tanks and Healers privvy to such incentives will take the bait (at least initially, before the instance burnout sets back in) and DPS won’t queue because they have nothing to gain. Queues will stabilize a bit.

      Actually, I saw a pretty ironic YouTube videocast where the host and his friend- tank and healer respectively- got on the PTR to test the new Call to Arms. They queued and… had a 20 minute wait time. For a healer and tank.

      I’ll reserve my judgment on the actual system when it’s out for a while. But the main point I wanted to drive home was this was a poor long-term fix to a very deep, game-wide issue. :3

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