Inferno Rubies Get an Economic Infusion!

In case you missed it, 4.1 dropped this week. And as is true with most single-decimal patches, major changes happened. As any good auctioneer will tell you, with great change comes great profit. You’ve only got a small window of time to take advantage of this, so get on it!

All changes weren’t explicitly mentioned in the patch notes, but if you looked closely at the PTR releases you’d have seen epic craftables getting some stat readjustments. The most surprising change was the addition of a red gem socket to various shields, chestplates, and belts. MMO-Champion datamined the following:


  • Blacksmithing: Elementium Stormshield now gives +170 Intellect, down from 190. Now gives +122 Spirit, down from 127. Now gives 112 Haste Rating, down from 127. Now has a Red Socket (Socket Bonus: +10 Intellect)
  • Leatherworking: Assassin’s Chestplate now gives +321 Agility, down from 341. Now gives 173 Hit Rating, down from 183. Now gives 243 Critical Strike rating, down from 253. Now has a Red Socket (Socket Bonus: +10 Agility)
  • Leatherworking: Belt of Nefarious Whispers now gives +233 Agility, down from 253. Now gives 174 Hit Rating, down from 184. Now gives 134 Mastery Rating, down from 144. Now has a Red Socket (Socket Bonus: +10 Agility)
  • Leatherworking: Corded Viper Belt now gives +233 Agility, down from 253. Now gives 159 Critical Strike rating, down from 169. Now gives 159 Mastery rating, down from 169. Now has a Red Socket (Socket Bonus: +10 Agility)
  • Leatherworking: Dragonkiller Tunic now gives +231 Agility, down from 341. Now gives 249 Haste rating, down from 259. Now gives 163 Mastery rating, down from 173. Now has a Red Socket (Socket Bonus: +10 Agility)

Doesn’t seem too crazy, does it? They adjusted down some base stats and tossed in a socket. Big deal, right?

Well it’s a huge deal. There are potentially thousands of characters on each server wearing items with an empty red gem slot. They’ll log in, scan their gear, and see they’re suddenly missing a gem slot. If they care about their character’s stats, they’ll B-line straight for the AH and pick up an Inferno Ruby (raw or cut).

On top of that, Zul’Aman and Zul’Gurub are released! There’s a truckload of new epics waiting to be gemmed. Tons of players- non-raiders in particular- will be leaving these instances with fresh, ungemmed drops. And with Heroics now allowing you to chain-run Heroics up to 980 Valor Points, you should expect a massive spike in dungeon activity (and thus gem demand) within the first few weeks of 4.1.

Raid encounters (Heroic raids especially) were nerfed as well. That means we’ll see a little nudge in progression, and you can bet those raiders will be the first to fill those gem slots with the best gems they can get their hands on.

Inferno Rubies were in a big slump towards the end of 4.0.6. Gear acquisition slowed to a crawl due to this raid tier’s difficulty, and leveling alts with the express purpose of facerolling them through raids is widely considered infeasible. Inferno Rubies saw their raw uncut prices crash from 150g+ levels to less than 60g. That’s due to turn around starting today.

To see proof of this, look no farther than your server’s TUJ charts:

Above you can see an apparent (and drastic) dip in Inferno Ruby supply. At the same time, you can see a spike in the market price. I’ve monitored Inferno Rubies across a few servers and the behavior is the same: Inferno Rubies are getting bought out at a rapid pace, and the gems replacing them are getting priced higher and higher.

If you missed your chance to stockpile, you might still be in luck! There’s a few ways to get your hands on Inferno Rubies if your server’s slow to react:

  • Buy Obsidium Ore and do the Obsidium Cha-Cha (now pay up to ~35g/stack). Sell the Inferno Rubies directly, and find an Alchemist to transmute 3x Carnelians & 3x Heartblossoms into 1 Inferno Ruby (the transmute has no cooldown).
  • Buy underpriced Carnelians directly and use the same process listed above.
  • Snatch up any last-minute cheaply-priced +40 Intellect or +40 Agility gems. Strength-based items didn’t get any gem slot love, so leave those alone.

The entire gem market’s going to benefit from this patch for the first few weeks, but there’s no question Inferno Rubies got the most love. If you saw this coming and stockpiled them, get them listed as soon as possible to take advantage of the massive gem rush. Have fun camping the auction house!


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