Jewelcrafting Now the Worst DPS Profession?

Thought Jewelcrafting was the best DPS profession for your class in 4.3? If you’re sporting epic-quality gems, think again.

PVERogues tweeted an article yesterday announcing that Jewelcrafting shifted from one of the best DPS professions to the worst. I later heard from a few sources that a similar nerf befell Jewelcrafting last expansion. Being a progression raider, I understand the gravity of this change this time around.

The 29-Agility Nerf

The logic is we’d been using +40 Agi blue gems up till 4.3. Now we have +50 Agi purple gems. But Chimera’s Eyes (the profession benefit afforded to JC’ers) stayed the same at +67 Agi.

Where Delicate Chimera’s Eyes used to be +27 Agi better, they’re now only +17 Agi better. Multiply that across the 3 slots we’re afforded and that’s only a +51 Agi benefit, compared to other professions that continue to offer +80 Agility or more.

Patch 4.3.2’s notes don’t hint at an improved version of Chimera’s Eyes to make up for this reduced effectiveness, so moving forward you’ll want to move away from Jewelcrafting if you’re looking for a true min-max build for your raiding main.

Un-Nerfing (With Minimal Pain)

If Blizzard was interested in returning parity to professions, they could fix this problem. Here’s a few options:

  • Upgrade Chimera’s Eye bonuses to account for the lost Agility. The downside of this is they’d be boosting the overall effectiveness of the entire profession, making it more overpowered for those who don’t have access to epic gems. So this probably wouldn’t sit well.
  • Offer a stat bonus to each epic gem equipped that eventually adds up to 30 Agility. This makes epic gems that much more valuable for Jewelcrafters who want their effectiveness back, while ensuring new 85’s don’t get an immediate free stat boost. But this forces people to raid or spend exorbitant amounts of gold. Still, it’s probably a fair trade-off considering how gems are already being distributed.
  • Provide an improved version of Chimera’s Eyes through the gem clusters in Dragon Soul. Blizzard would be taking the same gem acquisition method and simply inserting a new gem to the random drop system. This gem would have a chance to appear alongside another gem to not penalize non-JCers. This way new 85’s can’t boost their stats, it further enforces the new epic gem system, and there’s no profession-exclusive item drop coding necessary. It’s just one more database entry in the gem drop chance table.

There are quite a few potential implementations, and I hope Blizzard attempts to fix this before 4.3.2 goes live. Because at this point, the next patch I foresee is 5.0. But assuming they don’t fix the problem…

How Bad Is It?

Most of you will likely never notice this nerf, or won’t have justifiable reason to change. We’re really only talking a ~30 Agility difference for the final patch of Cataclysm. And gaining back that 30 Agility difference is going to cost you 3,000g or more as you re-learn an entire profession.

Let’s also not forget that Jewelcrafting is also one of the most profitable professions. You’d be potentially losing one of your biggest moneymakers for a scant 30 Agility boost. Not to mention all those patterns you farmed via dailies.

And there’s the looming potential this could all be some oversight that will get stealth-patched later on, rendering your profession swap moot.

What to Do

If you’re min-maxing, take the leap and just swap professions. Hedge your bets that Blizzard will let this sit as-is until Pandaria and achieve your DPS potential. If you’re raiding semi-seriously or casually, just imagine this change doesn’t exist. And if you’re a casual altoholic, this change would have zero impact in the first place unless you got into some lucky Dragon Soul normal PUGs or scored a ton of gold to burn on epic gems.

Hopefully Blizzard takes notes this time around, though. Having mid-expansion profession nerfs is fun for nobody.


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