Rogues & Dat PVP Hit Cap

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One of my gripes with PVP is trying to remember (and source) the proper combat caps for Rogues. Sadly, it’s the most important stat when fighting. You owe it to your team to make sure your abilities hit- especially your snares and stuns.

Being under hit cap effectively makes using crowd control a lottery. When you’re talking PVP, it’s all about control (especially for Rogues). So without further adieu, below are the hit caps you need to meet:

  • Melee Hit Cap: 5% (600 Rating)
  • Melee Hit Cap vs. Night Elves: 7% (840 Rating)
  • Spell Hit Cap: N/A

Percentages… Numbers… How Read…?

Now, you might have a few questions.

How did I derive these numbers? Well, there’s multiple online tools that do this calculation (I used these tables), but you could easily fiddle with hit amounts on your character sheet until you hit 1% and jot down the number.

Why did I differentiate Melee vs. Spell hit caps? Because 1% for one is not 1% for the other. They follow different calculations. What matters for PVP Rogues is Melee Hit.

Should you reforge for the Night Elf hit cap or the normal 5% hit cap? That depends on how sure you are you’ll be against a Night Elf. At some ranks of arena, you’ll expect to face certain teams. If you can say with confidence you’ll be against a Night Elf composition and you’re relying on complete crowd control to execute your strategy, the extra 2% is worthwhile. In 99% of cases, 5% melee hit is enough.

Why is Spell Hit Cap marked N/A? Because the amount of hit needed to meet the Spell Hit Cap is an excessive 13% and can be substituted with other stats. Plus, those hit points could be appropriated elsewhere to deliver more pain. The only thing Rogues have that benefit from Spell Hit Cap is poisons, and poisons only notably contribute to DPS if you’re Assassination. Given that we stack Spell Penetration to keep our poisons from getting resisted, and with Shiv and our frequency of auto-attack, spell hit is negligible.

Why is PVP’s hit rating different than PVE’s? Because in PVE raids you’re facing skull-level bosses that are 3 levels higher than you. To account for these level differences, you need to raise your hit cap. But in endgame PVP, every player will be your level. This means we need significantly less hit.

How to Get There

First, gem your gear with +Agi/+Hit gems to meet +Agi socket bonus requirements. Second, reforge your weakest stat to Hit until you meet the cap at the Arcane Reforger.

If you can’t reach hit cap via gemming and reforging (make sure you do it in that order), you can enchant and put points into Precision (Combat tree, 1st tier). I recommend against these options as you’d be giving up important enchants and talents. The hit cap should be easily reachable from gems and reforging alone.

Wrapping Up

The idea of hit capping is to ensure your abilities work when you want them to so you can execute a greater deal of control in PVP. Failing to control in PVP (especially when burning 2-minute cooldowns) can be fatal. So double-check that hit cap every gear upgrade, and make sure you’re primed to fight.

For more help with other combat rating caps for PVP, check out Noxxic and ArenaJunkies.


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