A Quick Zon’ozz DPS Trick

Eking out that last little bit of DPS.

Image Credit: icy-veins.com

Oh, Warlord Zon’ozz. How you make us bite our nails with your intimidating enrage timer on Heroic.

For those of you attempting this boss as DPS (melee especially), there’s a simple way to boost your DPS with zero penalty! It’s a bit counter-intuitive and seemingly risky, but it’s actually safe and the damage gains are substantial.

As a Combat Rogue, I get Deep Insight procs right as we’re told to spread out. So this is a huge boost.

On the final bounce before the black tentacle phase, check if he did his “I’M FIRIN’ MAH LASER” ability. If he did, it’s safe to move in front. Just run straight through the boss (so you’re facing his front), and DPS him from there. As long as the ball contacts Zon’ozz before any players, it explodes on him and the damage isn’t splashed.

This lets you keep your attacks on the boss without risking an AOE death. Most melee stop attacking for a good 5 seconds during this time. That’s a lot of damage lost.

From there, the fight executes as normal. Follow the boss to the middle as he casts (or tentacles, if you’re so assigned) and kill that hentai-copying bastard.

Got more small tips for boosting DPS on this guy? Comment!


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