The Most Profitable Day of the Week

When Should I Post?!


Tons of people stop by my stream to ask me how I got to 180k gold. It’s not an easy question to answer, since my income comes from many places. But the majority comes from the Auction House.

The AH: Defined

The Auction House, or AH as it’s lovingly referred to, is an open marketplace where items are posted at breakneck speeds for all kinds of prices- sensible and ridiculous. You’ll find low-level items for a few copper (pennies), and rare epic world drops for tens of thousands of gold (Benjamins). Literally anything tradable in-game is posted for people to buy.

So What’s the Trick?

The best AHers don’t just study what and how much to post. They also analyze when to post.

Most profit doesn’t come from the items you sell, but the market price index and demand level when you post them. This is because prices skew up when demand is highest. Demand shoots up when tons of players identify a need for something.

And the magical day when this all happens is… Wednesday.

Aren’t All Days Created Equal?

Why is that? Because server downtime ends, raid lockouts reset, Conquest & Valor Point caps return to zero, and players clamor to get their gear up to snuff for upcoming raids. There’s a surge of players who suddenly need to get stuff done as quickly as possible, and bucketfuls of gear getting distributed across the server.

Tuesday is a strawman. Historically, Tuesdays are days when people expect WoW to be inaccessible or inconvenient. Very few raids are scheduled on Tuesdays because of extended downtime, server instability, addons breaking, and other factors. It goes duly so for Oceanic servers where maintenance begins during Tuesday prime time.

Many players mistakenly think that weekends are the best times to post auctions. There’s some logic to that- weekends are when WoW activity spikes! But weekends are when people do their farming, crafting, and leisure activities. All those people are throwing items on the AH all weekend driving down prices. There’s few raids going on, less mains acquiring gear, and more overall competition. Ew.

Weekends are when competition is at its peak, so prices are at their lowest. Why would you ever sell something when prices are low unless you’re trying to offload a something worthless?

AH Manipulation 101

My strategy is this:

  • Buy tons of stock over the weekend at severely discounted prices (but not so much that I’m stuck with unsellable amounts of stock, making me unable to adjust to market trends).
  • When the reset comes around on late Tuesday / early Wednesday, post and re-list aggressively to capture high-priced sales.
  • For the rest of the week I stash the most profitable items and trickle down my low-profit inventory to prepare for next week.
  • I constantly monitor the AH with my friends Auctionator & TradeSkill Master.

Wrapping It Up

If you’re having trouble making gold, re-evaluate when you post. It might be the only thing that’s holding you back.


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