Overdosing on Haste

Combat Rogues! Hear my lamentations! Stacking haste leads to energy capping, energy capping leads to lost DPS, and lost DPS means KEYBOARD-DESTROYING FRUSTRATION.

With our gear (and stats) improving weekly, trinkets that can proc at the worst times (thanks for that extra haste during Heroism and my 2-piece bonus proc, Starcatcher Compass), glyphs that make abilities free, talents that proc energy, and cooldowns that either replenish energy at ridiculous rates or prevent us from spending it, there’s tons of factors that lead even the most sensible Rogue to think haste is an evil stat that should be avoided.

It’s legitimate to ask “How much haste is too much?”

What Good Is Haste Anyway?

Well, first let’s define what haste does for Combat Rogues. It replenishes energy faster. It increases your attack speed (more swings = more hits = more white damage). At its best, it provides you that perfectly-timed energy point to get off a finisher. At its worst, it taunts you by ticking up quicker than you can spend it (usually with the help of other unfortunate procs).

Guides everywhere say that after hit and expertise, haste is the stat to stack to infinity. But how can they say that when I’m sitting with a full energy bar screaming at my GCD?!


In reality, haste is only bad to stack when you can’t spend what it generates. And that number is ludicrously high. Rogues on the WoW Forums estimate the number’s around 10,800 haste (for reference, Kuriimu has 2442) at level 85. That’ll put your passive regen at 23 energy per second, which is about as fast as Rogues can pump it out with no procs or cooldowns.

The only other times you’d be capping is during Heroism (40 seconds once per fight), Adrenaline Rush (60-80 seconds of a 6-minute fight), or a horrendous string of energy procs during Killing Spree (10 seconds of a 6-minute fight at most). Boiled down, you’ll be in danger of energy-capping territory for 2 minutes of any fight. But there’s another 4 minutes you’ll be starving for that energy to execute more attacks.

Being frustrated for 33% of a fight is bad, but being frustrated for the remaining 66% is worse.

It’s Probably You

So if you’re panicking about stacking excessive haste, relax. Haste’s benefits far exceed its detriments, it comes with a fairly sexy white damage enhancing side-effect (I couldn’t get this line to not sound like an ExtenZe infomercial), and it is our DPS savior for 66% of any given fight. If anything is to blame for energy capping, it’s probably us for timing our coolodowns terribly.

10,800 haste. Good luck hitting that cap.


One Comment on “Overdosing on Haste”

  1. PVE Rogues says:

    I often find that in one fight i have times where i have lots of energy and times when i am energy starved.

    Its because of these times when i am energy starved that i cant possibly imagine not stacking haste. So instead I try to manage my cooldowns like AR, KS and Tricks so that they are not on top of of each other and do not exacerbate the problem. It doesnt solve the problem but it’s as close as we can get. I would like to see combat rogues obtain CD’s that do not affect energy cappiung issues tbh :<

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