Expertise in PVP (Or: Why 95% Doesn’t Cut It)

Rogues entering PVP for the first time have to worry about gearing up. Part of gearing up is hitting the right stat caps. Last time we tackled the PVP hit cap (and how to calculate it). This time we’re going to look at expertise.

When you think of expertise, you probably think of PVE. You’re in raids to PUMP DAT DPS SON, and if you don’t cap the stats that make your weapons hit flesh you’re doing your raid a disservice. You’ll occasionally find yourself in front of a monster out of necessity, and you’ll be cursing the entire time as most of your special (and not-so-special) attacks get dodged and parried.

But PVP isn’t about DPS optimization. It’s about enemy control (with DPS bursts here and there). Hit plays a big role since it ensures stuff connects. But many people just leave it at that. And doing so leaves you open to having your stuns miss your target.

Bustin’ a Cap in Enemy Dodge Tables

The magical amount of expertise needed for PVP at level 85 is 5%, or 20 (601 rating). Reforge to that and you’re gold. Your CC ceases being Russian Roulette.

Noxxic and many Rogue PVP guides miss the mark with their stat priority recommendations. Rather, they overgeneralize the priorities. Yeah, you can argue that ignoring expertise and having a 95% chance for abilities to hit non-Rogue/Druid targets is “enough”… until that clutch Kidney Shot or Gouge on a healer gets dodged.

Do It for the Healbots

The point of PVP, especially in the coordination-centric world of arenas, is to control your enemy. Yes, your legendary daggers and Vial of Shadows can probably kill anyone during the opener. But for those times when they survive and the match turns long, the ability to control suddenly trumps stacking damage stats.

If you’re just spamming Random Battlegrounds, this is less mandatory. Your success is more meta- how you manage your nodes, players assigned per base, etc. But for small-scale engagements (and maybe even Rated Battlegrounds), that 5% expertise determines who lives and dies.

You’ll still encounter problems with Agility classes. Their Agility translates to dodge, and dodge raises the expertise cap. So when it comes to Rogues and Feral Druids you’re unable to out-stat RNG. But that’s okay, because those classes aren’t why you’re capping expertise in the first place.

For every other class- healers especially- you can have 100% confidence you will actually stop their cast. For all of you who failed interrupting a clutch sitting-at-1%-health heal because your stun got dodged, you know the pain I speak of. You do not want to be the guy who says “STUNNING PRIEST ………………. NVM DODGED.”

Don’t Be “That Guy”

It’s a reality that during PVP you’ll find yourself in front of your target. And you’ll often find yourself in high-pressure I-MUST-STOP-THIS-CAST situations. Expertise exists for that. Don’t neglect it.


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  1. Drp says:

    I’ve had this bookmarked for a while, figured I’d comment and let you know that this post has been very useful to me

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