No Epic Gems, No Raid Spot

What would you do if your GM told you your BiS (best-in-slot) Heroic DS loot had to be outfitted with epic gems in 48 hours or you were getting the boot from your raid team?

Well, Zivandrana on the WoW Forums is in that exact situation in his guild. And while it’s not surprising that the GM would push for a fully-optimized raid, it’s a jarring and sudden change for raiders.

Imagine you’re in a hard-mode raiding guild. Your raid leader and officers are preparing for this expansions’s massive DPS stress tests: H-Ultraxion and H-Spine of Deathwing. It’s understandable that they’d look at how to improve the bottom-line DPS. And the easiest way to do this is stack stats on every character. Boosting gems are a perfect solution!

But do the stat benefits outweigh the massive goldsink? Read the rest of this entry »


Jewelcrafting Now the Worst DPS Profession?

Thought Jewelcrafting was the best DPS profession for your class in 4.3? If you’re sporting epic-quality gems, think again.

PVERogues tweeted an article yesterday announcing that Jewelcrafting shifted from one of the best DPS professions to the worst. I later heard from a few sources that a similar nerf befell Jewelcrafting last expansion. Being a progression raider, I understand the gravity of this change this time around. Read the rest of this entry »

Once You Pop (Chakra), You Don’t Stop

While reading over patch 4.1 PTR notes I wasn’t surprised to see the white text indicating more incoming changes to Priests.

For Holy Priests, most changes have involved Chakra. Remember not too long ago in patch 4.0.6 when Chakra’s duration was doubled to 1 minute?  As one might expect, this change wasn’t standalone and did affect other areas we needed to call attention to. In this case, Holy Priests started questioning their talent builds. Welp, Chakra will be receiving another big change come 4.1! Chakra will now last… FOREVER. Read the rest of this entry »