Killing Spree is one of those abilities that seems simple. It’s a major DPS cooldown for Combat. You want to line it up with damage-enhancing procs to squeeze out every last ounce of damage. In that vein, tons of Combat Rogue guides out there advise only using Killing Spree with Deep Insight. But is that really true?

Last raid I was chatting in our melee channel, and the topic of cooldowns came up. Vuez, our resident awesome-at-ALL-THE-THINGS Rogue, said something I’d never heard before: “Just use Killing Spree on cooldown.” Apparently, he saw Killars from <vodka> use Killing Spree as soon as it came up and adopted the mindset.

Then I came across a Rogue thread with experienced players citing Killing Spree on cooldown is better than sitting on it. Read the rest of this entry »


No Epic Gems, No Raid Spot

What would you do if your GM told you your BiS (best-in-slot) Heroic DS loot had to be outfitted with epic gems in 48 hours or you were getting the boot from your raid team?

Well, Zivandrana on the WoW Forums is in that exact situation in his guild. And while it’s not surprising that the GM would push for a fully-optimized raid, it’s a jarring and sudden change for raiders.

Imagine you’re in a hard-mode raiding guild. Your raid leader and officers are preparing for this expansions’s massive DPS stress tests: H-Ultraxion and H-Spine of Deathwing. It’s understandable that they’d look at how to improve the bottom-line DPS. And the easiest way to do this is stack stats on every character. Boosting gems are a perfect solution!

But do the stat benefits outweigh the massive goldsink? Read the rest of this entry »

Overdosing on Haste

Combat Rogues! Hear my lamentations! Stacking haste leads to energy capping, energy capping leads to lost DPS, and lost DPS means KEYBOARD-DESTROYING FRUSTRATION.

With our gear (and stats) improving weekly, trinkets that can proc at the worst times (thanks for that extra haste during Heroism and my 2-piece bonus proc, Starcatcher Compass), glyphs that make abilities free, talents that proc energy, and cooldowns that either replenish energy at ridiculous rates or prevent us from spending it, there’s tons of factors that lead even the most sensible Rogue to think haste is an evil stat that should be avoided.

It’s legitimate to ask “How much haste is too much?” Read the rest of this entry »

A Quick Zon’ozz DPS Trick

Eking out that last little bit of DPS.

Image Credit: icy-veins.com

Oh, Warlord Zon’ozz. How you make us bite our nails with your intimidating enrage timer on Heroic.

For those of you attempting this boss as DPS (melee especially), there’s a simple way to boost your DPS with zero penalty! It’s a bit counter-intuitive and seemingly risky, but it’s actually safe and the damage gains are substantial.

As a Combat Rogue, I get Deep Insight procs right as we’re told to spread out. So this is a huge boost. Read the rest of this entry »

Jewelcrafting Now the Worst DPS Profession?

Thought Jewelcrafting was the best DPS profession for your class in 4.3? If you’re sporting epic-quality gems, think again.

PVERogues tweeted an article yesterday announcing that Jewelcrafting shifted from one of the best DPS professions to the worst. I later heard from a few sources that a similar nerf befell Jewelcrafting last expansion. Being a progression raider, I understand the gravity of this change this time around. Read the rest of this entry »

Doing It from Behind

I love playing a Rogue for many reasons, but there’s one thing I hate with every fiber of my being: abilities with positional requirements. For Rogues, that means attacking from behind. “Behind” covers 180 degrees and should only be a minor annoyance. Oh, if only that were true.

I touched a bit on positional requirements when I wrote about 4.1’s Stealth, but after a rough week of PvP and raiding, my inner rage has been reignited. When only 3 specs (of the 30 in the game) need to deal with this issue, it’s hard to find a sympathetic ear. But if you can imagine running after your target madly spamming keys to no avail while your opponent free-casts on you, you might feel our rage too.

Rogues get a small consolation: our Combat spec sidesteps positional issues. But for the other 66.6% of our specs, we’re stuck dealing with headaches that are entirely out of our control. Which headaches, you ask? Read the rest of this entry »

L2Stab – Rogue vs. Magmaw (Normal)

Boss strategy guides are fine and good, but they skim details and leave a lot of ambiguity for individual classes. Sure, it’s nice to know the boss launches fire from its orifices killing anything it touches, but how does the fight affect me as a Rogue? This series is dedicated to answering that exact question.

Let’s start off in Blackwing Descent. Go through the portal, hang a left, climb some stairs, and there’s a big lava worm playing tug-of-war with some armored lizards. That lava worm- Magmaw– is the focus of this guide. Read the rest of this entry »