To Adrenaline Rush, Or Abstain?

Being a Combat Rogue for more than half of Dragon Soul’s encounters means I’m popping Adrenaline Rush (abbreviated AR) a lot during fights. It’s a bittersweet buff.

In a tier where we’re swimming in energy thanks to high amounts of haste on gear, raid buffs, fight buff mechanics, Heroism (toss in Bloodlust and Time Warp), energy refunds from talents, and trinket procs… AR can feel more like an annoyance than a buff. Read the rest of this entry »


Rogues & Dat PVP Hit Cap

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One of my gripes with PVP is trying to remember (and source) the proper combat caps for Rogues. Sadly, it’s the most important stat when fighting. You owe it to your team to make sure your abilities hit- especially your snares and stuns.

Being under hit cap effectively makes using crowd control a lottery. When you’re talking PVP, it’s all about control (especially for Rogues). So without further adieu, below are the hit caps you need to meet: Read the rest of this entry »

Jewelcrafting Now the Worst DPS Profession?

Thought Jewelcrafting was the best DPS profession for your class in 4.3? If you’re sporting epic-quality gems, think again.

PVERogues tweeted an article yesterday announcing that Jewelcrafting shifted from one of the best DPS professions to the worst. I later heard from a few sources that a similar nerf befell Jewelcrafting last expansion. Being a progression raider, I understand the gravity of this change this time around. Read the rest of this entry »

Training to be Hardcore

Recently, I’ve been grappling with the question “How did I get in a progression guild? And what’s keeping others from getting into (or keeping their spot in) these guilds?”

My guild gets about 4 “legitimate” applications per week. “Legitimate” to me is where it doesn’t feel like they “accidentally the whole application”. Of those 4 we really consider only 2, and of those 2 our roster can only accommodate 1 of them. Of those lucky single applicants who get in, some just don’t cut it.

I’m not talking social meshing. I’m talking about legitimate performance deficiencies. The logs in their application were in an environment that allowed them to easily outshine their lesser-skilled teammates. Maybe they took advantage of that to pad meters or obtain special performance-increasing cooldowns from their team. Maybe they joined us 3 bosses ahead of their previous progression and are unpracticed on boss mechanics. Or maybe they aren’t sure how to avoid boss mechanics while keeping up their DPS/HPS/TPS. Read the rest of this entry »

“Just 9 Hours Per Week!”

There’s a prevailing mindset out there that spending less time raiding makes you a better raider. It’s true to an extent. The less time you spend, the fewer attempts you’re able to squeeze in each night. The fewer the attempts, the steeper the learning curve needs to be. If you’re able to progress at a pace that matches other guilds that’re spending more times in raids each night, either you’re better players or your strats are more solid (or both).

People see these guilds advertising “Raiding just X hours per week!” and look at their own guilds. They compare the 12, 15, 18, 21 hours per week they’re slamming their faces up against bosses to these scant 9 hours. If progression is anywhere close to comparable, it makes them feel like they’re on the slow bus to 13/13H. Then their patience declines and their confidence wanes until they’re applying at these more “efficient” guilds. Read the rest of this entry »

Eggs of Wrath

I’m dedicating this article to poor prediction abilities.

Children’s Week was this week, and about a month prior I’d been reading auction blogs about how to make money for the holiday. It seemed like one of the easiest holidays to cash in on. There were a bunch of sweets you had to eat in front of your assigned orphan (a little sadistic, no?), and some recipes required eggs. What’s the take-away from this? Stock up on eggs!

That’s exactly what I did. I put together a Dealfinder profile in TSM to snatch up cheap Small Eggs and Northern Eggs. After my daily AH scan, I’d run Dealfinder and inevitably pick up 20 or more eggs to deposit into my bank. That’s 20 eggs (give or take), each day, for 1 month. Read the rest of this entry »

Inferno Rubies Get an Economic Infusion!

In case you missed it, 4.1 dropped this week. And as is true with most single-decimal patches, major changes happened. As any good auctioneer will tell you, with great change comes great profit. You’ve only got a small window of time to take advantage of this, so get on it!

All changes weren’t explicitly mentioned in the patch notes, but if you looked closely at the PTR releases you’d have seen epic craftables getting some stat readjustments. The most surprising change was the addition of a red gem socket to various shields, chestplates, and belts. MMO-Champion datamined the following: Read the rest of this entry »